I fancy myself an intrepid, if boozy, anthropologist.

This blog is…..

Basically this blog is about my adventures as a little kid stuck in the body of a 30 yr old, all the while hoping no one notices that I’m totally faking adulthood.

I like to make/refurbish things, but this is not a craft blog.

I have a little boy, but this is not a “mom” blog.

I’m married, but I’m ANYTHING but domestic.  Lef to my own devices, my fridge would contain nothing but a bottle of vodka, as it did the day I got married.

In short, I have no idea what kind of blog this is.  Just a  hopefully-humorous recap of my day-to-day life!


Comments on: "This blog is….." (8)

  1. Could i give you a few hints to better your blog and maybe get more traffic.

    • Sure! I’ve only had the blog about a week, and I’m still very much learning my way around WordPress. Tips would be appreciated! I had a Livejournal blog for years, but it’s mostly private/friends-only and I was looking for something I could more easily share with people I know (as my friends are unfortunately spread throughout the 4 corners of the world)

  2. There are a few here so when you are finished you can delete this if you want to.

    You need to give categories different names as search engines do not look for uncategorized.

    Have you put your blog into the seach engines in your dashboard.

    Always try to make your posts 100 + words.

    Move your search above follow and type seach into the title ( dashboard widgets ).

    If you wish in “about” give your christian name and what country you live in, most peole do.

    The bigest thing is your tags, you have none 🙂

    You need tags for the search engines thats how peole search for stuff, you can have one or two categories and tags up to a total of 10/11 that relate to the post, any more is seen as spamming.

    A tag cloud cloud is seen as spamming as far as i read.

    If someone subscribes to your blog and puts your blog in their blogroll its seen as good manners that you do the same, although there are 2 which i would never subscribe to as they were bad.

    Start yourself a blogroll.

    Comment on other blogs and you will get hits from that.

    After all thats done come back to me and i’ll have a look and let you know how it looks.


  3. My name is ‘Mike’ and I think I could develop a crush on you if that picture is really you.

    I am not a hell’s angel or anything but I do have a shaved head.

  4. I would love to be a follower of your blog, but everytime I pop my email address into the follow widgety thing it tells me I haven’t succeeded …. arghhhh …I will keep trying ….

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