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Shower Curtain Wall Art

Hello all!  Long time no update!

I though this would be as good of a time as any to revive the ol’ blog given that I recently completed a project I was pretty proud of…  I came up with it on my own and it wasn’t a total disaster!  WOO-HOO! So we’ve been in the house ALMOST a year now, and things are ALMOST how I want them.  We do, however, still have a few empty walls and a few empty bookcases.  The problem is they’re all BIG walls and filling BIG walls tends to cost BIG bucks.

I love the old trick of wrapping fabric around canvas, but the walls I needed to fill in the upstairs living room probably required something wider than your average by-the-bolt fabric, so I thought “shower curtain!” The next obstacle was the canvas.  A canvas for the size I was needing wouldn’t be cheap, so I went to Home Depot to see how expensive some lumber would be to build the frames myself.

They had 8′ boards that were the perfect width/depth for my project!  And they were seventy-five cents!!!!!  YES! For each shower curtain, I purchased 3 boards.  One 8′ board got cut in half to make 2 4′ boards.  The other 2 boards were cut down to 5′ (which Home Depot does on the spot for free, in case you’ve never done anything like this.) Once home, I assembled them like so (and used some of those U-shaped staple/nails to put them together). From there the process is just like wrapping canvas, although on a larger scale.  Position the shower curtain where you want it, wrap around the frame, pull taught and staple in place. Your frames are not only inexpensive, but also lightweight (which is often an issue when dealing with “art” of this size, so your shower curtain wall-art can be easily hung with even just a single nail.) I must say, I’m pretty impressed with the end result!  These particular shower curtains are definitely inexpensive – I purchased them from Target.com!  (roughly $35 each, making the total cost for each hanging right at $40).

Forgive the less-than-sharp pictures.  I only realized last night (having owned my phone for a year) that I had the camera set to a fairly-low resolution.  HA!

There are a lot of really great shower curtains out there from geometric patters to movie scenes, periodic tables or maps of the London Underground.  Have fun with it!  Just make sure before you click “add to cart” that the curtain you’re looking at is fabric and not plastic 🙂