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Random musings for a Tuesday that feels like a Monday.

  • I actually lost some weight last week, in spite of the booze & BBQ-filled weekend I had.  Go Weight Watchers, go!  I also online-friended my buddy Nicole up in Detroit who is doing WW with me.  I’m not sure what being WW friends does for us, but I hope it sends her messages each week that say something like “Hi Nicole!  We noticed your friend Sarah gained 2 lbs last week.  Why don’t you pop over to her page and call her a fatass to help keep her motivated?”  That would be HILARIOUS, but I doubt that’s a function of the program somehow.  Nicole would totally do it, though.
  • I am now friends with Nicole on Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Weight Watchers, the Andriod Chat thingy we have on our phones and possibly Spotify and/or Twitter… it’s a little absurd to be honest.  I belong to too many “things”.  Just show me a bandwagon and I’ll jump right on.
  • Pool Boy has just accepted a job with a major Video Game company.  This means that he now has an endless supply of free video games and I have an endless supply of free high-tech toys given that I work for a toy/robotics company.  I feel this has increased our geek-quotient exponentially.  Excellent.  I feel this has also increased the chances that Donovan will be SPOILED-SPOILED-SPOILED when he grows up if we’re not careful.
  • The Booze Cruise was fun, but I’m starting to feel really old on trips like that despite being one of the youngest people there.  As much as I love to drink (and believe you me… I do love to drink) I don’t like getting drunk.  I also don’t particularly like drunk people.
  • The high point of the booze cruise was when our sexy-yet-ditzy driver was supposed to pick us up at the dock.  This is a TINY marina that should be impossible to get lost in.  In theory, it should also have been easy to spot the 4 of us sitting alone in the middle of an empty parking lot on top of our coolers.  After about 30 minutes of trying to figure out where the hell he was, Pool Boy took off on foot to try and find him and guide him back to us.
             Driver:  I’m at the gate but it’s locked up.
             Me:  Then you’re at the wrong gate.
             Driver:  But this is where Sarah told me to go!
             Me:  … but I’m Sarah.
             Driver:  Are you on a boat?
             Me:   No…?
             Driver:  I can see boats from here.
             Me:  Yes.  This is a marina.  That doesn’t help us any.
             Driver:  Oh wait, we’re good!  John is here!
             Me:  Who the hell is John?
             Driver:  Sarah’s Husband!
             Me:  Ok… Again, I’M SARAH.  Also, my husband’s name isn’t John.
This is funny because we use this guy ALL THE TIME.  We all know each other really well.  We’re even Facebook friends at this point.