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For my first post: a sampling of the hilarity I work with every day.

The Cautionary Tale of Jay the Intern:

This morning, our company owner and a few of the presidents (everyone’s a president of something around here) hopped on the private jet to go pick up one of our major customers and bring him down for a visit.

The owner called ahead to one of our interns and asked him to pick up some breakfast tacos from a local gas station (because that’s how he rolls).  Intern was SUPER STOKED to be able to do something for the head honchos!

He hops in his fancy ‘my-parents-are-rich’-mobile and takes off like a bat out of hell.  Gets to the Get-It-Kwick, picks up his big bag o’ tacos and heads to the local private airport where he can just drive up on the tarmac and deliver the tacos like the breakfast-bearing hero that he is.

He decides to take the dirt-road shortcut to shave off a few minutes… and that, my friends, was his undoing.  You see dirt roads are tricky if you’re not used to driving on them.  Sudden sharp turns at a high rate of speed are a very bad idea.  Unfortunately Home Boy ended up totaling his car.  Fortunately he was unhurt!!

But he was SO CLOSE!  So close he could see the airport and the jet sitting on the runway.  He thinks to himself “If I run, I can make it!”  So he valiantly grabs his bag of tacos and takes off in a sprint towards the airport…. and gets there just in time to see the jet take off.

Guess who gets to eat gas station breakfast tacos this morning, courtesy of the defeated intern?  This girl.