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All my various projects, now in one handy place!

I thought I’d throw together all of my “before and after” shots of the furniture I’ve done so far.  I don’t normally think of myself as “crafty”, but it turns out I love the Anthropologie look but I sure as hell can’t afford it.  Plus there is a certain thrill in discovering some FANTASTIC couch or chair at somewhere like Goodwill.

I have one more loveseat I’m working on, but unfortunately this HAS to be my last project.  As Pool Boy pointed out, “there’s a finite amount of space in our house.”

Also, emberassingly, I titled these pics (“bf1”, “bf2”, etc) which in my mind stood for “before/after”.  I’ve only just realized “after” doesn’t start with an F.  Well done, Sarah.

Nothing in these pics cost more than $100 originally, and the desk pictured was actually drunkenly pulled from a dumpster one night.  SCORE!

The centerpiece on the left (of the “before and after” picture) is one from Anthropologie that retails for $800.  The one on the right was put together from white glass bits found at Goodwill purchased for roughly $20 total and then glued together.