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Welcome Home, Bonny!

Great news on the animal front!

Patient dog. Very patient dog.

Since Potential Puppy was being fostered at a rescue where I happen to have friends, we were able to act pretty quickly.  We ended up having her delivered yesterday, which was pretty awesome!  Talk about service!  My mom was kind enough to hang out at the house while she got acquainted with our other dog.  Absolutely no issues whatsoever.  Hurdle #1 cleared!

Then Pool Boy got home.  Franny is DEFINITELY Pool Boy’s dog, so I was a little concerned she’d go in to jealousy mode once he got home, but still no issues.  Hurdle #2 cleared!

From there mom and Pool Boy went to fetch Donovan.  This was my biggest concern.  Would Franny get over-protective?  Would Potential Puppy hide from Donovan (or worse??)

Why does my hand look like that of a 70 yr old woman?

I got home probably 5 minutes after they arrived with Donovan and they were one big happy family.  Donovan was ecstatic.  ECSTATIC I tell you.  I thought his little toddler head was going to explode.  Two dogs??  TWO DOGS???  Especially since she’s nearly identical to Franny.  It was like we took his favorite thing on the planet and cloned it.  Potential Puppy was awesome.  She let Donovan pet her and cuddle her and wallow around on her and didn’t seem to mind a bit.  Hurdle #3 cleared!

Our last concern was how she would be on walks with Franny.  Would they fight?  Would she be aggressive with other dogs while outside and/or on a leash?  So, off we went.  Once again it couldn’t have gone better!!  Finally, hurdle #4 cleared.  By the time we went to bed last night I had texted the rescue to say she was definitely coming to live with us.

New Cocker on the left, existing Fat Ass Cocker on the right.

There’s a small part of me that feels guilty… like maybe Tres deserves to be mourned for longer and that maybe I’m not honoring his memory by “replacing” him so quickly.  But I could never replace him, and Tres wouldn’t want me to be sad forever.  Plus, I think he’d be happy that another sweet “special needs” animal (whose odds of getting adopted weren’t stellar) had found a good home.

The text from her www.petfinder.com page said:

What a precious face… Miss Cyrus is a wiggle butt lover! Cyrus was left at the pound by her prior owner. When we saw her sweet face and felt her snuggle against our legs, we knew she needed to come with us! Cyrus was taken to the vet where her medical conditions were evaluated. In subsequent months, Cyrus has had to have one eye removed due to injury, a mammory cyst removed and has endured heartworm treatment. Thru it all; this gal has maintaned her love for life and her sweet and gentle natured personailty. Now Miss Cyrus has a new and improved healthy body to go with her sweet sweet waggy gal smile. Cyrus is ready for a new home. She is happy, healthy and ready to share all her love with a new human, She is spayed, current on shots, on heartworm prevention and is microchipped. She has a new lease on life and would love to share it with you.

How could we NOT adopt her??  Also, if you haven’t checked out Petfinder.com yet, I highly recommend you have a look next time you’re looking for a new pet!  It’s like Match.com for animals that need homes.  If you’re only looking for a purebred, still have a look.  A shocking number of purebreds end up in the pound (our 2 Cocker’s, for example).

I’ve renamed her Bonny (since she only has one eye, I thought I’d go with a “pirate” themed name).  She’s settled right in like she’s been here forever.  She has her favorite chair, she sleeps with me at night, and she follows me wherever I go… which is awesome.  I’m so happy to have her, and she seems pretty happy to have me too!

See? She's clearly thrilled.


In loving memory of Tres, the best damn cat there ever was.

So…. my cat died on Sunday.  I know not everyone sees pets in the same way, but this is beyond devastating to me.  When our over-religious neighbors showed up on our doorstep to tell me they had found my cat and he had”passed away” probably ranks up there with the worst moments in my life, and I’m being TOTALLY honest.  I guess he was feeling brave and decided to use the dog door, an unlikely scenario I had nonetheless prepared for.  Our backyard is a FORTRESS.  I made sure of it.  How he got out will probably remain a mystery, unfortunately.

Tres was with me before Pool Boy.  Before Donovan.  Before this new house, before Chicago…. Tres was my ally for years and years and years.

The dog basically belongs to David, despite my best efforts at bribery.  (How many walks and Milk Bones does it take to win the loyalty of a freaking Cocker Spaniel???)  For whatever reason, the kid does too recently.  Donovan will be all wrapped around his daddy and I’ll ask “Can I have a hug, buddy?” and he’ll say “no!  no!  no!!!”  not in a defiant way, but more in a “please for the love of God don’t hurt me!!” type way.  He looks terrified of me!  And I’m the really patient/cuddly one!

But Tres was always on my side.  When Donovan would wake up in the middle of the night, Pool Boy and the dog would sleep through it, but Tres and I would get up.  He’d meow at me when I got up and follow me to go tend to Donovan.  Those times are the most sad now.  Times when I used to have my buddy and now I’m alone.

On the “bright side”, if there is one, Tres was a “special needs cat” and I gave him a very good home.  I realized years ago that people don’t tend to adopt the animals with deformities or injuries (Tres was missing a leg, hence the name.  Uno, Dos, Tres.)  It’s silly really that people care SO much about the appearance of their pets.  The “special needs” pets are the sweetest, in my experience.  I haven’t owned a “normal” animal since my teenage years.

With that said, we’d been planning to get another dog for a while.  Ironically, I recognized how completely devistated we would one day be when Franny (our current dog) died, and I knew we wouldn’t have the heart to get another one after she passed, so I wanted to get one now even though Franny’s still pretty young.  I can never be without a pet!

Since I’m sort of left all alone now, the odd man out from the Pool Boy-Baby-Dog club, I’ve decided that I’M going to get a dog now.  Nothing could ever replace sweet Tres, but it’s just so lonely recently.

Then a friend of mine called – their rescue has a one-eyed Cocker Spaniel.  She looks JUST like the dog we have, only she’s missing her left eye.  We still have a few hurdles to cross – how will she get along with the Cocker spaniel we already have?  How will she deal with Donovan?  She’s coming over to meet us tomorrow.  I really hope things work out…

 The rescue said she’s just the sweetest dog in the world, but she’s fallen victim to “black dog” syndrome.  For whatever reason, black dogs tend to get overlooked at adopt-a-pet’s.  Especially one-eyed black dogs.  I’m an emotional mess, and I’m falling a little bit in love with her just looking at her picture.  She looks like she needs me as much as I need her.

However, if all goes well and we adopt her and she also decides that Pool Boy is the only human in the house worth knowing, I’ll REALLY be upset.  I plan to keep him completely away from her for at least the first month.  MY DOG, DAMMIT!

Wish me luck, everyone.