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A daily reason to celebrate + the cocktail to do it with!

Years ago I remember seeing a calendar that had some random “holiday” or other reason to celebrate for every day, and it even suggested a drink to go with each celebration.  Or at least I thought I remembered it.  Google tells me I’m delusional and no such calendar exists.

However I did find a lot of really fun/random “Holidays” on my Google Pilgrimage to find this Holy Grail of Boozy Calendars, and I finally just decided to make my own.  Unfortunately it’s done with Powerpoint and MS Paint (because I’m actually a sales analyst and those are the only tools I have access to).

It also turned out to be WAY more work than I thought it would.  There are some days where very little worth even mentioning has happened.  Nonetheless, I present to you:  January 2012.  All of the holidays I mention are “real” (according to the internet anyway, and the internet NEVER lies).  Believe it or not, I left out some of the weirder ones, such as “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day”, which is January 22.  My cats have never really asked me questions, and they don’t care for booze…. so I wasn’t sure where I would go with that one.  Possibly a White Russian, but I’m really hoping there’s a Big Lebowski Day later in the year.

If there is any interest at all, I’ll push forward and do the rest of the months.  If no one but me is in to this sort of thing, I’ll just keep celebrating “Tuesday” with a glass of Merlot, the way I’ve been doing for years.

I’m also totally open to suggestions, it anyone wants to change a day I have already listed with something better, or if you have a great idea for your favorite “holiday” later in the year.  Feel free to let me know in the comments!