I fancy myself an intrepid, if boozy, anthropologist.

This week marked my reluctant entrance in to the world of cloth diapers.

Not REAL cloth diapers with safety pins and all that, but the modern day ones that don’t require a degree in geometry to fold properly.  The ones with built in elastic and snaps at the waist.

There’s nothing about me that’s hippie or granola or even remotely environmentally friendly to be honest, so I never thought I’d be ordering something called “hemp inserts”… but desperate times, my friends.

random water buffalo.

Probably 4 months ago we started having issues with Donovan soaking through his diaper at night.  Turns out that he, like me, has the bladder of a water buffalo.  This means he’ll be handy on road trips when he’s older, but in the meantime it just amounts to washing lots of sheets.  We tried going up a size in diapers, trying 2 different “overnight” varieties, we tried the “pull up” ones meant for older kids (they fit him fine) but NOTHING was working.

In researching online someone suggested cloth diapers because you could just double the inserts and *poof!* no more puddles.  The online world of cloth diapers is a dark and scary one, filled with too-many options and what I believe to be some sort of secret code.  I finally just picked a “value pack” from FuzziBunz and hoped for the best.  Some value tho, those bad boys are FREAKING EXPENSIVE.

At any rate, I waited and waited and waited but they never came.  Eventually I called the company for a refund, which they promptly gave me.  A week or so after that, my massive package of diapers came.  I called the company to get a shipping label to return them, but I never got one, so I tossed the package in my trunk and forgot about them until last weekend when I decided “what the hell, I’m down with free diapers”.

Is this where I'm supposed to put the diaper? Something doesn't look right...

What I learned:

  1. Pool Boy is sort of “waiting this one out” and clearly sees it as just another of his wife’s crazy ideas.
  2. Once you utter the phrase “just dump the solids out in the toilet” to your husband, you’re totally alone in diaper-duty from that point forward.
  3. They’re cute enough that he can roam around the house in just his diaper without being called “white trash baby” by my sister.
  4. They actually work well as overnight diapers!
  5. They also work as hats.
  6. You’d think they’d be all gross and stained after the first use, but they come out looking brand new after every wash.
  7. Whatever you do, for the love of God and all things holy, don’t use fabric softener on them.  Apparently that’s their kryptonite.
  8. Knowing that I’m doing slightly less damage to the environment than usual is a nice feeling.
  9. So is saving money every time I use one instead of a disposable.
  10. The most important thing:  They allow you to coordinate your child with your decor.  And isn’t that what we all look for in a diaper?

Comments on: "It’s Friday! Here’s what I learned this week:" (7)

  1. Okay, so I’m moderately amused by Dono putting diapers on his head. What I really want to know is – is he wearing a Star Wars shirt?!?! That’s awesome, man!!

  2. Donovan sounds like my Jamie – ie, a TANK.

    Jamie also had the soaking through problem and it was something that I couldn’t fix easily. He’s already in size 6 diapers – they don’t come any larger! I tried overnights, I tried overnight pull ups. NOTHING. He was still soaking through EVERY. NIGHT. I just do not have the time to deal with cloth diapers and I didn’t even think to try them so my solution was to double diaper him (at the suggestion of my Mom). I put a regular diaper on him and then an overnight pull up over that. Works like a charm.

    Love the Star Wars stuff. Our older kiddo is obsessed and we have a ton of it – which Jamie is currently beginning to grow into.

    • Yeah, I should have clarified that we only cloth diaper him in the evenings and on weekends. There’s no way Daycare would be cool with this. As it is, we usually just throw the diapers in the empty washer as we go and I do a small load of washing at night.

      I’m curious to hear how diapering Jamie goes in the future! Donovan’s in a size 5 and nowhere near ready to be potty trained. I have a mental image of some depends + duct tape in his future once he outgrows the 6’s.

      • If he outgrows the 6’s, shove him in pull ups. They’re bigger. 🙂 Jamie is 2.5 and we’ll probably start introducing the potty more forcefully after the New Year but I’d be shocked if he were ready to really potty train before his 3rd birthday.

        And cripes. THREE. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

  3. Have you tried using a maxipad as an insert? Don’t know if it would be cheaper, or if it would even work, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

    Also, have you tried this place? I’ve never purchased from them because they didn’t exist back in my day, but they’re friends of mine: http://www.diaperlab.com/index.php

    I’m glad I’m done with diapers and changing sheets in the middle of the night (or blowing it dry if it’s just a little spot [sweartoGod I’m just kidding … that wasn’t me!]) but the teenage years present a whole new set of challenges. I love your blog, too!

    • I haven’t seen that place yet – thanks for the link!!! And I think I may actually be dreading the teenage years more than the toddler years. If it’s true that your kids pay you back for whatever you did as a teen, then Pool Boy and I are SCREWED.

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