I fancy myself an intrepid, if boozy, anthropologist.

It started with this:

A blank poster board with a note from Donovan’s “teachers” asking us to fill it up with pictures and memories for Donovan.

A simple request, no?  But not to me!  I see this and think “OMG!  A take home art project for Donovan’s “school”!  It’s just like you see on TV!  It’s the kind of thing teachers give REAL moms to do!  This is AWESOME!!!  I will decorate the SHIT out of this poster board!!”   And so it began.

My only regret is that I didn’t find a way to incorporate the glittery puff-paint.

And there’s the end result.  A glittery, bejejeweled monstrosity masterpiece for a 1 1/2 yr old who is most definitely too young to ever remember this project.  A child who only recently stopped treating the cat box as his own personal cookie jar.  A child who occasionally (for some unknown reason) refers to me as Mike.

Being a relatively-new mom, I feel like I’m still figuring out what kind of mom I am.  It looks like the early read is “bat-shit crazy”.  I hope I can reign it in before I’m asked to help with REAL school projects.


Comments on: "Dono’s first school project. Kind of. I mean seriously… he’s 1." (5)

  1. So Dono’s “teachers” gave you homework and required him to do absolutely nothing because, well, he just graced the Earth with his presence 18 months ago. I think you did a fabulous job on your first pre-school homework assignment! No doubt you’ll be setting the curve for the rest of the semester. Go get ’em!

  2. I totally did the same thing for my older son’s preschool when they did it. Poster board, crafting supplies, the whole business. He helped me with it, too (he was 4.5 or 5 at the time) so it was a fun thing to do together.

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